re-styled conservatory completion

A sample of One of our upgrade projects

This conservatory was built with no exit into the garden. We cut away the wall and fitted French doors then removed some of the patio to allow the doors to open fully in the summer. Internally the cills were fitted with tough duraboard and upvc skirting. Most importantly it gave full access into the garden.

Chester Le Street

          roof-line completion

A Roofline completion complete with lights

Old or rotten roof boards and roofline systems cause damp and lower the temperature of a home. Ventilation placed into upvc roofline will give better circulation and reduce damp and give a more pleasing look to any home and there will be no need for yearly painting.

Biddick woods

We also have available a fully time served roofer for any roofing work needed.

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New state of the art solid tiled warm roofs complete with sky lights and lighting for that warm feel in winters and keeping cool in summers |

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